Sunday, 20 August 2017

Blue 2ACT


On August the 18th, I received an email from Nick Dorian, who had spotted Common Gull -   2ACT , at Portmarnock Strand in County Dublin (17th Aug).    2ACT , was from Shane Wolsey's Project on the Copeland Islands in County Down.  Below, are all the known sightings for   2ACT , since the time of ringing.  I'd be glad to hear, of any sightings unknown to me, giving date, location and photos if any.

My thanks, go to both Nick Dorian and Brian Burke, for their sightings and the use of their photos.

Common Gull  -    2ACT     (EX38003)   -  Portmarnock Strand, Co. Dublin  (17th Aug 2017)
(Photo Courtesy of Nick Dorian)

Date Details Location Distance Duration
14 May 2010 Ringed as a Breeding Adult by Shane Wolsey Big Copeland Island, Co. Down, Northern Ireland 0 kms / 0 miles 0y  0m  0d
22 Nov 2014 Spotted by Andrea McDonagh, via Adam McClure Portmarnock, Co. Dublin, Rep. of Ireland 145 kms / 90 miles (SSW) 4y  6m  8d
04 Feb 2017 Spotted by Brian Burke Dollymount Strand, Co. Dublin, Rep. of Ireland 151 kms / 93 miles (SSW) 6y  8m  21d
17 Aug 2017 Spotted by Nick Dorian Portmarnock Strand, Co. Dublin, Rep, of Ireland 145 kms / 90 miles (SSW) 7y  3m  3d

As part of my Common Gull Project, I am sending a PDF File to those who report their sightings to me.  At the same time, I send a copy to those who have sighted that particular gull in the past.  I'm sure, these observers, appreciate the fact, that the bird is still alive and well.

In this case, I sent an update to Brian Burke, but have no contact details for Andrea McDonagh.  Brian replied, to thank me for the update and gave his approval to the use of photo he took on the 4th February 2017.   

Common Gull  -    2ACT     (EX38003)   -  Dollymount Strand, Co. Dublin  (4th Frebruary 2017)
(Photo Courtesy of Brian Burke)